Vehicle servicing



The long term benefits of regular servicing include improvements to the vehicles fuel efficiency, a reduction in vehicle repair costs and less time spent off the road.

We endeavor to use the best quality pattern parts available, if your vehicle is still within the manufacturers warranty period we will use genuine parts with the manufacturers recommended service schedule.

The EU Monopolies Commission (block exemption) have given UK independant garages the opportunity to service all makes of vehicle without upsetting the manufacturers warranty.

Types of servicing

Full manufacturers service schedule

This service follows the specific recommendations set out in your vehicles service schedule, making every booking unique. If your vehicle is still in the manufacturers warranty then this is the recommended service to follow. This ensures that your warranty is not invalidated.

Full service

This fully comprehensive service ensures that every part of your vehicle is checked and tested. By putting your vehicle through ths annually, it helps not only to keep you safe but means your vehicle remains in top condition for longer.

Interim service

If you are a driver who covers many miles a year, sometimes, a full service is not enough, this service helps maintain your vehicle between annual servicing.

Oil service

Changing your oil regularly will ensure you get the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible.


We offer

  • Up to 40% off dealer prices.
  • 12 month warranty on all parts.
  • All inclusive pricing, no hdden extras
  • State of the art diagnostics.
  • Courtesy cars available.

After every service we will supply you with a copy of the service schedule so you can see exactly what we have done and exacty what you are paying for.

All parts removed from your vehicle are available for your inspection.

We will also advise you on any recommendations for future repairs.